Wednesday, 29 July 2015

My Weekend Pre-Birthday - Saturday Hiking

So on Saturday, we slept in on the morning and then decided late that we should go hiking. Ending up at 'Pakri Pangad,' some small cliff area where we climbed down and walked along the limestone and sandstone base. We ended up walking on both sides of the banks as we couldn't go all the way around in one go. The limestone base/beach didn't reach all the way and we would have had to swim a bit in order to get around the point of the cliffs.

The interesting thing (I wouldn't exactly use 'fun' but it is a bit that as well) about my Dad is that he really likes doing extreme things. On the way back from the first bank when we reached an impassable water area he decided we should take a 'shortcut' up the cliffs. We made it most of the way up from some collapsed area but then the last bit was what I considered impassable... not to my Dad apparently. He casually goes and jumps on a tree that's growing near where we were standing and starts climbing up it. Then proceeds to grab near the top of the cliff face and climbs the rest of the way up. Of course I'm stuck at the bottom now with no way up but to follow him. Let me tell you, I would not have done that if I were on my own, It was a bit more of a risk than I would have liked but since my Dad was waiting I followed. The hardest part was taking that first step but after that, you're committed and may as well continue. Luckily we both made it up unharmed and with still a little energy left for the other side of the 'Pakri Pangad.'

The other side I enjoyed a lot more, there we even saw an small viper! The only poisonous snake in Estonia and it was really cute! Of course my Dad had to take a photo of it and it was quite funny how he jumped back when the snake striked at him (funny since he didn't get bitten, otherwise it would not have been as entertaining). Though I feel I should have warned him since to me it looked quite clear that the snake was gearing up for a strike, I just expected my Dad to exhibit more caution than he actually did. But it all ended well and we got some nice photos and videos so there's that. We also reached the end of the banks on that side as well though they became impassable at some sandstone cliffs we climbed onto.


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    1. You're such a snake magnet. I've never seen snakes in Europe, only in Canada.

    2. You can find snakes everywhere! You just need to know where to look. :D