Tuesday, 11 August 2015

My Weekend Pre-Birthday - Sunday at the Shooting Range

In case anyone gets confused, I'm talking about last weekend, not this one (because it took me so long to post this :P).

Finally, on Sunday we got to go shooting! I was really excited for this as me and my Dad chose the SWAT package, and would be able to try out some weapons that those teams actually use. Now I'm no weapons expert so I may make some mistakes when mentioning some of the weapons I used. According to my Dad we got to try out a .22 Ruger with a silencer, a 9mm SS 2022, a Beretta Cx4 Storm, an M4 with a Holo sight, a Saiga 12 and the Tikka Sniper Rifle.

My favorite weapon to shoot was the Tikka Rifle, scoping and shooting 3 empty rifle cartridges was really fun! The ideal shot would be straight through the cartridge center and I unfortunately did not get that but I came close.

What was interesting was that most of the rifles we fired had relatively mild recoils (in my opinion). We only fired the rifles in semi-automatic mode so that would have affected the recoil a bit too. I was most surprised by the 9mm's recoil, having never fired one before I didn't expect it to jump so much in my hand.

Anyways, it was a really great weekend I had and this weekend was another pretty interesting one. I participated in ERNA matk, a hiking competition that really pushed me to my limits! (a post should be upcoming about that later today, i just wanted this very late post done first)

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